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The Peel armchair is a cross between the luxury of Art Deco and the simplicity of Modern. In pairs, it will decorate your living room like a lobby or lounge, encouraging daydreaming or reading, discussion ... with champagne!

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The Peel armchair is a box that we would open and in which we would discover other boxes, richly packaged, it is an open cube made up of 3 concentric layers, the 2 inner layers coiling in the outer layer: it calls the one who watches him come and nestle there as in a cozy nest, suspended. Upholstered in luxurious fabrics, it harmonizes with its big brother the Peel sofa, and in general with any interior, living room or bedroom, playing on the contrast and harmony of colors and materials. Customizable fabrics on demand. (In the photos: Creations Métaphores fabrics from the Hermès group).

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