EMBARGO, a name that seems to struggle with its original meaning as one imagines it.

Embar(cation) and go... Syllables that invite one to an adventure, exploration … whilst at its origin it was to embarrass ("embargar" in Spanish), to block. This word symbolizes for us the desire to turn things, to take them from another angle and to see if they work. But also to go contrary to common usage, and thus return to the original sense, that is, to embarrass.

And this weird name has a sort of dullness, a damp sound (something that would make one think of an airship coated with Vantablack ...)

Our positioning is poetic ... assumed at the price of lesser practicality, but also less possible lyricism. Like the desire to pen minimalist poetry, a haiku. With due respect for the industrial design at the absolute service of utility, we want to go contrary the new academicism, especially organic.

The object -or its opposite- is central to the idea, inspiration and aspiration to form its sculpturality, to give more density to its presence.

We feel the design is something that gives pure aesthetic emotion, amplified by the enjoyment of the use or its prospect.

We are resolved to break the rules.


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