Pepper-Pot “MALABAR”

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Poivrière Malabar

Pepper-pot in transparent glass in the form of an hourglass open on its upper part (diameter of the bottleneck: 3 mm).

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33,33 €

This pepper-pot, in the shape of an hourglass open at its summit, was made by the Lyon glass master Pierre PIGNAT, twice the winner of the Best Worker of France award. It also exists in salty version (SALE TIME).

Loading is done by filling the top cone with ground pepper and patting it in small strokes so that the pepper falls into the lower cone.

Once loaded, the pepper can only be discharged by the bottleneck: it is shaken as one would shake an ordinary pepper shaker

Cleaning, if necessary (impurities): It is advisable to clean the pepper shaker with fine salt

Hauteur10 cm
Largeur5 cm
Poids20 grammes
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