Salt cellar “Sale Temps”

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Salt cellar “Sale Temps” (french pun : “sale temps” means literally “Bad Weather”, but “sale” is also the declination of the verb “to salt” and “temps” is for “time”, because the cellar salts with “grains of salt” as a symbol of time)

Salt cellar made of transparent glass in the form of an hourglass open on its upper part (diameter of the bottleneck: 2 mm)

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62,50 €

Made of transparent white glass, hourglass shaped, open on its top, this salt cellar does not open and does not have a hatch for loading the salt: It must be loaded by the bottleneck and then works as an hourglass.

Once filled it should be shaken like an ordinary salt cellar, salt grains collide on the walls of the upper cone and create an homogeneous salt stream.

Manufactured by a best Craftsman of France

Hauteur10 cm
Poids20 grammes
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