Cutlery "Sur le Fil"

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Couverts sur la tranche

Cutlery "Sur le Fil" Collection

Design cutlery, exceptional, for exceptional meals. They will surprise your guests.

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33,33 €

Cutlery "Sur le Fil" Collection

The "Sur Le Fil" collection currently includes the knife and the fork. The spoon is in preparation.

"Sur Le Fil" because only the essentials for the function of the cutlery have been preserved: the edge for the knife, the spike for the fork

Knife "Sur le Fil":

With his false airs of sickle or scimitar, he seems to claim the Revolution. Revolutionary him? No. He cuts, that's all.

Fork "Sur le Fil" :

The big tooth worries, but rest assured, it's just an olive or cherry tomato pickle. Its great width makes it possible to rake wide, and to think only of it when you put it in your mouth. Particularly suitable for Big Mouthes.

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