Carafe "Chateau Haut"

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Carafe à eau Château Haut

Carafe in the shape of a bottle whose upper part (from the shoulder) lifts and can turn to form a wine glass.

Manufactured by a best Craftsman of France

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125,00 €

This water bottle in thick white glass is inspired by a Bordeaux Bottle shape, slightly elongated and haloed, the top of which turns to form a wine glass (the cork preventing water from escaping by the foot). It is intended to quench the thirst of solitude: the night on the bedside table, the day on the desk or the work table ...

It is also realized by the Lyon master glassmaker Pierre PIGNAT, twice the winner of the Best Worker of France award.

Hauteur32 cm
Largeur8 cm
Poids680 grammes
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